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Electronic Fluorescent ballast for T-8 and T-12 Instant or Rapid Start Fluorescent Lamps  offer low initial cost, proven performance and fast payback of investment through energy savings.  Common Applications:  General office lighting, conference rooms, meeting rooms, boardrooms, executive offices, and new construction area installations.

Magnetic Fluorescent ballast continue to provide reliable service and economy over a wide variety of lighting system applications.  Magnetic ballasts are available for over 90% of fluorescent lamp types sold today.  Electronic ballast are replacing magnetic ballast in many applications.  However, magnetic ballasts are the only choice for over 70% of fluorescent lamp types.  Common Applications: general office lighting, warehouses and parking garages.


High Intensity Discharge ballast kits come in a quad-volt (120/208/240/277), 480v or a 5-tap kit.  They all contain the core and coil ballasts plus the appropriate capacitor, ignitor (where required), mounting bracket & hardware.  Common Applications: Industrial, parking lots and garages, landscape lighting, commercial/retail lighting, and sports lighting.

Sign Ballast come in 6 models for 120v and six models for 277v for over 200 lamp combinations.  Common Applications: channel letters, contour lighting and back-lit signs.

Workhorse Ballast - fluorescent in-fixture electronic ballast.  9 Ballasts operate 124 lamps in 756 combinations.  Solid-State Electronics * High Power Factor * Small Case Size * Lightweight * Versatile * Energy Saving